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         Collector Harvestor Treshing Machine
         Maize Silage Machine
         Storage Type Threshing Machine
         Forage Harvester
         Automatic Stem Collecting Straw Machine
Collector Harvestor Treshing Machine

Used for the treshing process of the cereals which have been harvested such as barley, wheat, oat, chickpea, bean.The collector harvestor treshing machine is a tool that minimizes the labor force and thanks to its capacity of even working on different terrain conditions with maximum capacity, has been the biggest assistant of our cereal and pulse farmers.

  Length   5900 mm
  Width   2300 mm
  Height   3100 mm
  Weight   2600 kg
  Working Width   1600 mm
  Vinedresser Width   1200 mm
  Vinedresser Finger Count   54 adet
  Storage Volume   900 lt
  Tyre Dimensions   10.0/75-15.3
  Working capacity   1.5 – 2 ton/saat
  Power Requirement   60 hp min.
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