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         Collector Harvestor Treshing Machine
         Maize Silage Machine
         Storage Type Threshing Machine
         Forage Harvester
         Automatic Stem Collecting Straw Machine
Storage Type Threshing Machine

Machine that takes its power from power takeoff and transmits to the specially developed transmission via shafts and from there activates the dynamic accessories is a concrete product in the last point reached in knowledge and quality over 30 years. Machine mixes spiked stalks between bator and counter-bator and takes grain out of spike, so cut into pieces and makes it straw. The big ease provided by machine for our farmer is to leave crop harvested without making it in bulks in a certain place of field and to easily mix crop by activating machine and coming to the stalks harvested. Filling straw via aspirator into the straw trailer and also filling grain into the storage with the assistance of eliminator band shall help our farmers for usual difficulty and methods and reduced loss in time and cost. Also our machine has a feature of working on slightly uneven fields.
  Uzunluk (mm)   6500
  Genişlik (mm)   2260
  Yükseklik (mm)   2700
  Ağırlık (kg)   2200
  Batör çapı (mm)   1200
  Batör parmak sayısı   44
  Tekerlek   2 x (7.50*16)
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