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Forage Harvester

AFM 1300 Forage Harvester is used for making silage of all types of green feed plants (clover, green barley, grass). Blades making the cutting and blowing processes simultaneously prevents any harm to machine by making kickback of machine when they clash to any hard substance while the blades are active.

  • Resistant and long life transmission
  • Evacuation chimney with hydraulic system that can rotate 170º
  • Cap height adjustment with hydraulic system
  • Hydraulic system cutting height adjustment
  • Connection with draw through arrow system and easy progressing feature
      Uzunluk (mm)   3200
      Genişlik (mm)   2125
      Yükseklik (mm)   2950
      Çalışma genişliği (mm)   1300
      Ağırlık   660
      Kapasite   15-20 ton/saat
      Silaj uzunluğu   12cm - 16cm
      PTO devri   540/dk
      Bıçak sayısı   21
      Tekerlek   2 x (165*70*13)
      Güç Gereksinimi   40 hp
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