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Automatic Stem Collecting Straw Machine

Automatic stem collecting straw machine; is a machine which fills the container mounted to its back, with stems brought to the field as rows or masses as a result of reaping cereals such as barley, wheat, rye, oat, trefoil, corn etc. that are automatically collected and made hay.
  Uzunluk (length)   5640 mm
  Genişlik (width)   3060 mm
  Yükseklik (height)   2540 mm
  Ağırlık (weight)   1750 kg
  Batör genişliği (beater width)   1200 mm
  Batör bıçak sayısı (beater knife number)   54 ad.
  İş genişliği (Toplayıcı tırmıksız) (work width)   1650 mm
  İş genişliği (Toplayıcı tırmık ile) (work width)   1850 mm
  Gerekli traktör gücü (required tractor power)   50 hp
  Kuyruk mili devri (pto speed)   540 d/dk
  İş kapasitesi (work capacity)   2000kg – 3000kg
  İlerleme hızı (advance rate)   2,5 km/s
  Lastik ebatı (tire size)   10.0/75-15,3
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